Pen to Paper Manifesto

Some claim that literature is an endangered species; some argue that books have overstayed their papery welcome; some prophesy that social media and a slew of various blinking and buzzing devices will eventually take over people’s attention and deprive authors of their potential, if not essential, audience—at Pen to Paper, it is our mission to make sure it does not happen.

Pen to Paper is a new initiative, which, as we hope, will change the way books are perceived by the general public, yet without catering to the lowest tastes. Presently, the internet is bursting at its digital seams with book blogs of various quality and provenance; every one of which is brimful of mostly insipid and tedious writing about books and authors. At Pen to Paper, we are going to do it differently.

At Pen to Paper, we are eager to intrigue you and provoke you; we aspire to challenge the stale norms and ways of discussing books in general. At Pen to Paper, we intend to blow a breath of creative air into the musty literary world and give it a much-needed airing.

Pen to Paper is a new place where people, yet not only literary people, can meet and feel at home—so be with us; stay with us; stay tuned.

Be where people and culture meet.

F. R. Foksal

F. R. Foksal is the founder and editor-in-chief of Pen to Paper. He is a Polish author writing in English, his second language. His short story collection, Hour Between Late Night and Early Morning, is available at Amazon. He believes that writing about literature doesn’t have to be boring and that books still stand a chance in today’s high-definition reality.

Dorothy Foksal is an avid reader and marketing specialist. At Pen to Paper, she is responsible, among other things, for PR and social media.