• Jean Rhys - Good Morning, Midnight (Review)
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    The Only Real Book about Paris (Review)

    Rhys, in her stream-of-consciousness narrative, perfectly captures the pains of a troubled soul, haunted by her past, by the pervading feeling of loss of love, of home, and of bygone youth. She is Henry Miller à rebours, offering us a rare glimpse of 30’s Paris—the city of vivid lights and resounding laughs—from a different perspective of a succession of shabby hotel rooms where the sounds of music and fun come muffled and watered down...

  • The Chamber Review
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    John Grisham’s Chamber Days (Review)

    The Chamber certainly isn’t one of John Grisham’s most recognizable titles; it also isn’t one of the books that are most beloved by his audience; it’s not even a Grisham’s Grisham or anything of the kind. And that is precisely why I have picked it for the opening review on this website. It was an unlikely choice given the fact that John Grisham is hardly an author who needs an introduction, or who is in desperate need of yet another review, and especially of one of his ostensibly lesser works. But so much the better—always expect the unexpected...