• Bullshittism - The Cultural Philosophy of Today
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    Metamodernism: In Search of the Cultural Philosophy of Today

    Some call it post-postmodernism, some post-post-postmodernism, others metamodernism, but let’s call it bullshittism. We’re living in the era teeming with fake Twitter accounts; fake motivational quotes; fake news exciting outrage and indignation on both sides of the aisle and away from it; fake social-media influencers caught eating the things they feverishly profess to disapprove of; and fake, photoshopped celebrity photos pushing young and gullible people into the mostly one-way vortex of depression and self-doubt...

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    Pen to Paper Manifesto

    Some claim that literature is an endangered species; some argue that books have overstayed their papery welcome; some prophesy that social media and a slew of various blinking and buzzing devices will eventually take over people’s attention and deprive authors of their potential, if not essential, audience—at Pen to Paper, it is our mission to make sure it does not happen...