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Last Updated on March 18, 2019

Pen to Paper is a new initiative that has been born out of love for storytelling and everything that is book-related. We strongly support self-published authors and small presses, and hope to become, with time, an important voice promoting and championing their literary efforts. However, we don’t want to make any person of letters feel left out, and thus traditionally published authors are more than welcome to our website.


Are you currently open to review requests?

Yes, right now we’re open to review requests.


Will all book genres be considered?

Preference will be given to literary fiction as it is grossly underrepresented on various book blogs. There is a hurtful theory that a self-published literary novel is virtually impossible to market these days—we would love to prove the naysayers wrong! But we welcome books of all kinds and genres.


What kind of book formats do you accept?

Please send us only Kindle-compatible files (.mobi). We don’t accept physical copies of books (either ARCs or galleys or printed manuscripts or books in any other physical form).


What kind of information should I put into my review request?

We’ll need a few bits of information about you and your book before considering it for review:

  • the book’s title
  • the author’s name/pen name
  • the book’s summary
  • whether the book is (/will be) self-published or traditionally published

Please do not enclose any attachments. Paste all the required information into the body of your e-mail. After accepting your book for review, we’ll ask you to send us a Kindle-compatible copy of it (a .mobi file). We’ll also ask you for:

  • the book’s price, format, publisher (if any)
  • a link to the book’s page on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, or wherever (if exists)
  • the book’s scheduled release date (if still unpublished)
  • any relevant information
  • the time frame in which you expect the review to be posted


Do you accept already published books for review?
We understand how difficult it is for an author—especially for a self-published one—to fit into all the time limits and meet all the deadlines imposed by various blogs and magazines. Therefore, we’ve decided to accept books for review regardless of their publication dates. It may be one year old, two years old, or decade old—it doesn’t matter to us. If the book is good, we’ll be more than glad to review it, regardless of the amount of dust gathered on its cover.


Where should I send my review request?

Please e-mail it to:
reviews [at]


If you are planning to have your book reviewed by us, you should read the following:


When can I expect the review of an accepted book to be published?
Currently, we are unable to commit ourselves to any strict deadlines, but we will make every effort to publish it as fast as possible. However, if your book-marketing strategy relies on that, we are willing to negotiate the deadline individually.


Can I expect a glowing review of my book?

Although it pains us to say that, we can’t guarantee a positive review. We always give every book a fair and honest critical evaluation. Thus, by sending us a review request you acknowledge that the review may turn out to be a negative one.


What will happen to the e-book that I have sent you to review?

Upon completion of the review process, the e-book will be deleted. It won’t be sold, rented, or shared with any third party.


What about my privacy?

We gather information about people pitching us books to review only to make the review process possible. We don’t sell or rent that information to any third party to facilitate their advertising process. We share it with our e-mail provider for the purpose of facilitating that review process. Your personal data may also be shared with the book reviewers cooperating with us, who will make every effort to protect your personal data with due care.

(If you’d like to learn more, please read our Privacy Policy.)


Will you disclose how you have obtained the book? (FTC disclosure)

Yes, that information will be posted at the beginning of our review, so that readers can easily learn whether the reviewed book has been provided to us by a publisher or agent, whether it has been bought by us, or whether it has been sent to us by an author for the purpose of having it reviewed.

The same rules apply to the movies being reviewed on this website.

At this time, we don’t participate in any affiliate programs and we don’t publish sponsored posts, reviews, or articles of any kind. 


Do I have to pay to have my book reviewed by you?
No, we don’t charge for reviewing books and we don’t charge reading fees.


Can I post your review of my book on social media, my own blog, or anywhere else?

No, all the reviews and articles published on our website are, and remain, our intellectual property that is protected by copyright laws. If you wish to post an excerpt or the full text of our review of your book as a form of endorsement on social media, on your blog, or anywhere else (and especially on the cover or inside your book), contact us first. However, if you wish to post a link to our review of your book, feel free to do so without contacting us.


Are you going to change or update this policy?

We reserve the right to change, revise, and update this Review Policy at any time. When we do it, we will post the updated date at the top of the page.

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