• Bullshittism - The Cultural Philosophy of Today
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    Metamodernism: In Search of the Cultural Philosophy of Today

    Some call it post-postmodernism, some post-post-postmodernism, others metamodernism, but let’s call it bullshittism. We’re living in the era teeming with fake Twitter accounts; fake motivational quotes; fake news exciting outrage and indignation on both sides of the aisle and away from it; fake social-media influencers caught eating the things they feverishly profess to disapprove of; and fake, photoshopped celebrity photos pushing young and gullible people into the mostly one-way vortex of depression and self-doubt...

  • Jean Rhys - Good Morning, Midnight (Review)
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    The Only Real Book about Paris (Review)

    Rhys, in her stream-of-consciousness narrative, perfectly captures the pains of a troubled soul, haunted by her past, by the pervading feeling of loss of love, of home, and of bygone youth. She is Henry Miller à rebours, offering us a rare glimpse of 30’s Paris—the city of vivid lights and resounding laughs—from a different perspective of a succession of shabby hotel rooms where the sounds of music and fun come muffled and watered down...

  • Fight Your Inner Hemingway
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    Fight Your Inner Hemingway

    The main themes of Hemingway’s fiction like big-game hunting, big-fish chasing, and big-time bullfighting seem to have gone out of vogue, just like hourglass egg timers, crank-handle starters, and floppy disks. Similarly, the feverish excitement that used to accompany the publication of his works has become the patina-stained thing of the past—at least since the advent of the National Geographic Channel...